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Therabyte is a sublabel of Theracords, releasing original and experimental harddance music. Passion is the most important ingredient of everything we do!

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The end of Therabyte

At Theracords we are constantly thinking of ways to improve ourselves. Therabyte has always been the little experimental brother of Theracords, but it sadly stayed in the shadow. With Theracords becoming more popular every day, we have decided to shift our focus to Theracords mainly.

With pain in our heart, but with good intentions for Theracords, we therefore say goodbye to Therabyte. We would like thank everybody who supported Therabyte, which are both the artists and their fans. "The Boys In The Kitchen" will be the last Therabyte release.

As a tribute to what Therabyte brought us, we will keep this website online for now. That way you can still have a look at all the Therabyte tracks and everything that was related to them. 

What about the Therabyte artists? If you would like specific details, please contact the artists themselves. We have and will always support their music. They're all very talented producers that will surely find their ways in the world of harddance music. In fact, Geck-e is now doing performances on a continuous basis, and one other Therabyte artist has recently received a booking for an enormous 2013 summer festival. Who this artist is and what festival this is about will be announced soon. Anyhow, we are incredibly proud of these bookings, and surely expect more coming in in the remainder of the year. 

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New release: Drivium & Eyoung - Boys In The Kitchen

New release: Drivium & Eyoung - Boys In The Kitchen

For this new Therabyte release we have a great collaboration track for you. Drivium and Eyoung teamed up and cooked you a star meal. Boys In The Kitchen starts with a nice appetizer and after a beautiful break it hits you big time with its main course! The most known Therabyte ingredients (gated kicks and spicy acid) are included in this last supper. As it is well cooked, there is no need to bite... hard!

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New release: Eyoung - Famous Explorer

New release: Eyoung - Famous Explorer

Eyoung is the artistname of the 20 year old Dutchman Emiel de Jong and he brings you his second three track release on Therabyte. This true talent has a great taste for the acid kind of hard dance and loves gated kicks, powerful basslines and beautiful atmospheric melodies. Combine these elements and you get the Eyoung style spot on! If you ever wonder what obscure wonderful tracks artists like Mark EG, Proteus and Dj Thera play, don't look further, this is the release for you. Three outstanding and different tracks that are all typically Eyoung.

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Drivium & Eyoung - Boys In The Kitchen Drivium & Eyoung
Boys In The Kitchen
06 February 2013
Eyoung - Famous Explorer Eyoung
Famous Explorer
19 December 2012
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